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Get on the Bluelist

The Bluelist is the first step into the Oceaverse Community

  1. Connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts

  2. Add a wallet address if you have one (if you don't yet, leave this blank, we will follow with step-by-step guides).

Oceaverse will never direct message (DM) you asking for other personal information, security details, seed phrases, or private keys. By submitting your IG and Twitter accounts, you are allowing us the honor of communicating with you to help this project. Full rules and details can be found in our Discord, dive in to help shape the impact!

Thanks for submitting to Oceaverse!

Mini FAQ

What if I don't have a Twitter account?

We invite you to start one. Many of the conversations in the NFT and Web3 space have made a comeback on Twitter.

What if I don't have a wallet yet?

No worries, submit without one. We'll follow up with beginner-friendly guides to get you set up.


When will the first art NFTs launch?

Earth Day April 22, 2022!

What's Next?
Join our Discord to jump into the conversation

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